The benefits of stationary bicycle cardio training

Regular physical exercises help you control your weight, improve your immune system and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases

Regular physical exercises help you control your weight, improve your immune system and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. Even though here we focus more on strength training, cardio comes with a lot of health benefits and it is absolutely necessary to include them in training programs regardless of the objective.

Now comes the question: what cardio machine should I choose? Today we are talking about one of the options:  Kettler stationary bike. Stationary bikes are perfect regardless of the level of fitness you are in, beginner or advanced. Beginners can set the device to moderate activity, and the advanced ones can slightly increase the intensity, maybe even choosing a HIIT cardio workout.

Plus, you can get one for yourself at home and you don’t have to necessarily go to the gym.

Advantages of stationary bicycle

But let’s see what the advantages of stationary bicycles, in general are.

1. Burn calories efficiently

A one-hour workout on a stationary bike can burn between 300-700 calories. The number of calories burned varies obviously depending on the difficulty you work with and the weight you have.

2. Protect the joints

Many aerobic activities such as jogging or team sports can put a lot of strain on the joints. This is probably one of the reasons why stationary bikes are so promoted. They will put your heart in motion without putting unwanted stress on your joints.

In addition, the stationary bike is also suitable for overweight people, reducing the mechanical stress placed on the back, pelvis, knees and ankles, even when compared to walking. Therefore, the risks involved are greatly reduced.

Improvement of the cardiovascular system

Cardio exercises help lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar and can prevent heart attack, especially if you’ve already suffered one. The Mayo Clinic website claims that regular use of a stationary bicycle leads to improved blood pumping in the circulation.

It also increases the amount of good cholesterol while lowering the amount of bad cholesterol in the system, the direct consequence being the decrease of plaque accumulation in the arteries.

Aerobic exercises stimulate the capillaries of muscles, which helps oxygen and nutrients to be more easily delivered to the muscles.

With improved circulation, muscle dislocations or other soft tissue problems in the lumbar area will heal much faster.

It seems that prolonging life expectancy is a benefit of using the stationary bike. Practiced even for only 30 minutes 5 times a week, indoor cycling provides you with a wide range of advantages.

It improves muscle flexibility and amplitude of movement

Muscles and ligaments that are not used to regular exercise can contract and pass through muscle spasm, increasing stiffness and discomfort. Walking on a stationary bike improves the flexibility of the leg muscles (especially the femoral biceps), which eventually reduces the pain in the lumbar area due to muscle dislocations.

The use of a stationary bicycle constantly helps to maintain the amplitude of the movement and flexibility of the multiple joints of the spine, which could become rigid and painful due to the rare use.

It strengthens the muscles

Using the stationary bicycle helps strengthen the large muscle groups that support the back, legs and thighs and the femoral biceps behind the thigh. When using a bicycle, you use two types of movement: pushing and pulling.

Pushing on the pedal strengthens the quadriceps, while the pulling strengthens the femoral biceps. The stationary bike is less stressful for the knees than the outdoor bike, with which we are fighting on a hard and uneven terrain.

Cardio workout for weight loss

If weight loss is your goal, as I mentioned, with a stationary bike you burn a lot of calories and in a very efficient way.

It is said to be one of the cardio devices that best preserves muscle mass. So burning calories through cardio muscle mass for toned appearance on the indoor bike: win-win situation!

It is a convenient option

If the weather is bad outside and you can’t train, what do you do? If you really don’t feel like going to the gym, what do you do? It is clear that these will become excuses for skipping the training.

Stationary bicycle is a very good and convenient option for cardio equipment, perfectly to keep in the house (or, why not, at the office).

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