Should you consume protein before bedtime?

You should consume protein before going to sleep and if so, what kind of protein would optimize muscle growth? Read everything here!

You should consume protein before going to sleep and if so, what kind of protein would optimize muscle growth? Read everything here!

Of all the factors associated with muscle growth, probably the most limiting is insufficient protein intake. The quantity and quality of protein consumed throughout the day has a major impact on muscle growth. If you ignore this aspect, the efforts you make in the gym become useless.

The importance of homeostasis and muscle protein synthesis

The most important aspect of the human body is homeostasis, maintaining or regulating a physiological balance. Regulation of body functions (from temperature to pH and blood glucose) is necessary for survival.

Homeostasis also governs muscle growth. The most metabolic and adaptive tissue, the muscles exist in a constant flow. Either they are decomposed or they are built, depending on the stimulus and the raw materials available.

The process by which new muscle proteins are built is called muscle protein synthesis. This is what all bodybuilders want. On the other side of the spectrum is protein degradation. This occurs when protein synthesis does not take place.

Muscles are either catabolic (decomposing) or anabolic (building). There is nothing in between! So if you want big muscles, it is important to keep anabolic at all times. That is, the synthesis of proteins to occur permanently in the muscles.

You may have the impression that you eat enough protein. Chicken, fish, eggs, beef and some isolate whey. It’s a good start, but it’s not everything. There is room for improvement.

The importance of proteins at night

Protein synthesis occurs as a result of weight training and protein intake. And not eating enough quality protein is easy.

Many key periods for protein consumption are neglected. Even the performance athletes reach their protein goals during the day, but before bed they screw this up.

And here’s the problem. We have been conditioned to believe that any food consumed before bed will fatten you up. And so we get to overlook a key moment in protein consumption.

Either from laziness or fear of fattening, not consuming protein before squatting has catabolic consequences when it comes to muscle mass development. Research has shown that consuming quality protein before bed does not lead to fattening, but can have the opposite effect; an increase in burned calories due to improved fat metabolism.

As long as you do not eat pork steak or a 10 eggs omelette, 30-40 g of a quality protein supplement will accelerate the growth of the muscles without fattening.

The best form of protein to be consumed before bedtime is casein, which is not insulinogenic and is released slower. In this way you have amino acids in the blood all night and you burn a little more fat when you sleep! You can also include half a cup of isolate whey protein to further stimulate protein synthesis.

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