Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge Diet is a diet that involves extreme weight loss.


The Cambridge Diet is a diet that involves extreme weight loss. The Cambridge diet plan is based on the consumption of a variety of soups, special weight bars and own brand shakes that can only be purchased from authorized distributors.

The creators of the Cambridge diet have developed a dietary formula that contains enough vitamins, minerals and microelements to maintain optimal health and allows people to lose weight fast, without losing muscle tissue by triggering a ketosis with a mild action (situation in which the body begins to use the stored fat for the energy supply and the normal development of the body’s processes).

When using only Cambridge-specific products, without other types of food, the pounds will be lost quickly, and when used alongside normal meals, weight loss will occur slower.

Those wishing to follow this diet will contact an authorized consultant, who will visit them, weigh and measure them and decide which Cambridge diet program best suits their needs.

Mode of action

The Cambridge diet works by forcing the body into a state of ketosis. This occurs when the body does not get all the calories it needs to function. As such, the body uses fat deposits to release energy and to function properly. Weight loss may vary depending on the amount of calories consumed.

Allowed food

The amount of food consumed will depend on the weight you want to lose. Foods that will be consumed throughout the Cambridge diet are those of their own brand. They contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber, as well as over 30 nutrients.

Shakes, oatmeal mush and soups are in the form of powders introduced in special envelopes and before consumption they will be dissolved in water. The shakes are strawberries and bananas flavored, and soups have aromas of chicken, chilli, tomatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, leeks and potatoes. Oatmeal mush has maple aromas, pecan nuts or apple and cinnamon. The bars are softer or crunchier. The soft ones include caramel, chocolate and oranges with chocolate. If you prefer the crispy ones, they contain blueberries, mint with chocolate or peanuts.

Pro arguments

Many people manage to lose weight quite suddenly and consistently with the help of the Cambridge diet. If you follow the rules of the diet program, you will lose weight. Unlike other low calorie diet plans, the meal replacement products are nutritionally balanced and your body will not be deprived of the minerals and vitamins you need.

Counter arguments

Some specialists consider that it is not healthy for the body to enter into a state of ketosis. The consequence of this process could be not only the burning of fat, but also the diminution of the muscle mass. Other negative effects of this diet are:

  • bad breath smell

  • hair loss

  • nausea

  • dizziness

  • diarrhea.

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