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Use these great tips to create your own sexy and tough body!

Do it in 3 variables

All workouts have at least three variables: weight, intensity and volume. There are others (tempo, rest time, order of exercises, etc.), but for the sake of simplicity we will stick to these three. To prevent adaptation to effort and constant progress, focus on one workout variable. Increase the weight but lower the number of repetitions in a day; on another day use your usual weight but add an extra set! In other days use your usual weight, but do more repetitions.

Do not give tractions up

Tractions, which strengthen the back, biceps, rhombs, trapeze, shoulders and even the abdomen, are a very effective exercise. Can’t do any? Do an inverted row. Put a bar on your knees or slightly higher and hang on it. Pull your chest toward the bar, holding your body upright and leaning against your heel. Go down slowly; do 10 repetitions.

Pass to rower

Before starting a strength training, spend 10 minutes on a rower to get your blood moving. It is a better option than the treadmill or elliptical because it activates your whole body.

Short circuit your workout schedule

Burn the fat with circuits that include strength and cardio workouts: do a series of push-ups, one minute rope jumps, then a set of squats, jump the rope again; keep alternating between strength and cardio.

Reduce the refined carbohydrates

Eliminate: bread, cakes, chocolate, rice, cereals, honey and whatever contains such ingredients. As you ingest a simple carbohydrate, your blood sugar starts to increase, which produces insulin, a fat-storing hormone.

5 meals a day

It means 3 meals and two snacks: one between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. This way you will have energy all day and you will not overload your digestive system. You will also have a more stable blood sugar, with lower food cravings.

Use protein

Try to have a balanced diet with protein, fat and complex carbohydrates at every meal. Quality proteins, such as chicken, turkey, Greek yogurt, contain amino acids that help in recovery from workouts.

Limit the fluids

Don’t drink anything that contains calories. Ideally would be only water and coffee / tea without sugar. And when you drink alcohol, don’t drink cocktails!

Try to avoid juices with no sugar as well

Research on calorie-free juices is mixed, but it’s good to avoid them as much as you can. If you drink such juices and psychologically you crave for sweets, then avoid them. If it helps to ease your crave, use them with moderation.

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